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How to locate lost phone: Get help, try Google Find My Device feature

How to locate lost phone: Get help, try Google Find My Device feature
Google can find your lost phone via this splendid feature. Know how. (Pixabay)

Lost phone problem? If yes, then there are certain ways to track your lost or even stolen phone. There is an app and website called Google Find My Device that can help you locate your missing Android phone, secure it, and even erase all data. Check out all the features/options that can track your lost phone.

Locate your lost phone via Google Find My Device

Almost all the android phones support Google’s Find My Device feature, You can also visit its official web page. Both work the same way. Here’s a step by step guide to locate your lost/stolen android phone or erase/wipe your data from the phone.

How to secure your lost phone

If you can’t find the device or aren’t nearby, you can lock it through the app to secure it and add a message and phone number so that the one who finds your phone can contact you. Here’s how you can send message

Step 1: Tap Secure device on Find My Phone app or webpage.

Step 2: Type a message that will be displayed on the lock screen and add a phone number.

Step 3: Tap Secure Device to confirm and lock the phone. Once done, the missing phone will be locked with your message and phone number displayed.

Wipe/Erase your data from the device

You can wipe/erase all your data from the lost phone by clicking erase my data on Find My Device. However, once the data is deleted, the Find my device feature won't work on the phone.

How to locate your lost phoneStep 1:Open the app or webpage for Google Find My Device app. Step 2:Sign into your Google account linked with the device. Step 3:Once you logged in, you can see the location of your device on the map. Step 4:If the phone’s location shows home, you can find your device by tapping on PLAY SOUND. Step 5:Follow the sound to see if it leads you to your device. Once done, tap the stop sound button. However, if the phone is turned off or no network is unavailable, you can not display its location, but you can wipe all your personal data from the phone.

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